Ipic Plastic contributes to the fight against coronavirus

As you know, if you have been following Ipic Plastic for a long time, concern for the preservation of the environment as well as flexibility and a very short reaction time are among the characteristics of our society.

The recent shortage of protective masks, which are nevertheless necessary to stem the spread of the coronavirus, has not left us indifferent.

Also, when we were contacted by the firm Weimat, which designed a reusable plastic mask that is therefore environmentally friendly, we were first honored to have been chosen to ensure this production. Above all, we had to set up a specific production plan, which we did with pleasure in order to bring our stone to the fight against this pandemic. It was not easy, but this kind of implementation which must be done quickly and requires the flexibility of our entire team, it is precisely the kind of challenge that IPIC Plastic loves to face; that’s what characterizes us.

Let’s talk about this mask and its characteristics:

The filter holder

The filter holder ensures that the filter sits securely on the side of the mask and that it is airtight

The filter

The filter is FFP1 / FFP2 certified (FFP3 in progress) and is made of fleece. The only element of the mask that must be replaced daily.3

The mask

Made in TPE, our mask can be used multiple times. Disinfect it or boil it and you can reuse it. It is available in white and light gray.4

The rubber band

The adjustable rubber band ensures that the mask fits comfortably while being close enough to your face.